Should I text her again?

I met this girl in September and I thought she really liked me. She always was laughing and smiling around me. She would even talk to me first (I talked first the most). She told me a lot about herself, including what she likes to do and her family. One day I was late and she thought I was not here so when I came in she was smiling and said "Yay your here!!!" Then I got her a card for her birthday and she was like "Aw this the first card I got all day!" and she was really happy about it. Our teacher gave us notes and we had to take pictures of them so she asked me if I needed them and gave me her phone number. Now she never talks to me anymore or talks first. And if I talk to her first she will talk for a little bit and won't continue the conversation. When we text I text her first and she replies really fast (sometimes less than a minute and usually 1-2 min) then after a few text messages she stops texting. I only texted her a few times since I got her number three months ago. I sent her a text saying "Merry Christmas cutie ;)" and she never responded and I sent her a text saying "HAPPY NEW YEAR __" she replied saying "Happy New Year!". After that I sent her another text and she never replied. Sometimes I feel like she could still like me I offered her tic tacs and she was like "I love tic tacs thank you!!!" with a smile on her face. But one time I texted he saying that one of our favorite shows might get canceled and she never responded. But the next day she said she didn't know it was going to be canceled? And in class I see her on her phone texting sometimes, so she is probably is ignoring my texts. I don't know if there is some crazy explanation for that. And she always talks to my friend who sits next to me in class and they never used to talk a lot in class. She would always talk to me and almost never to him. And sometimes I see her looking at me when I talk to other people or if I am with my friend in the hallway.

I want to have a conversation with her no flirting, just a friendly conversation. But I feel like she won't text me back if I do. I dont know what to do because she is a really nice person and I dont just like her because of her looks (she is beautiful) but her personality. So what should I do? Should I be casual and say something like "Can I talk to you for a little bit im bored."


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  • Okay, i completely understand where she's coming from with the whole texting thing because im exactly the same.. as you know im talking to someone and i know its bad but sometimes i just dont really want to reply.. i like my own space waaaay to much and maybe she's the same.. if someone is constantly texting me and in my face, no matter how much i like them I'd have to have my own space. I think she likes you if im honest but just try and lay off a bit, dont be so eager with the texting.. as much as girls hate to admit it, they like the chase as much as guys do;-)

    • I only texted her a few times so I was never eager at all.

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    • Okay🙈 have you ever thought that maybe she's like playing you.. you get what I mean? Playing hard to get maybe?

    • maybe thats it... im not that good with relationships so you probably know more than I do.


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  • I'd be okay with it.

  • She's over you. Move on.


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  • Just talk to her face to face forget about texting

    • I talk to her more in person than texting, I only texted her a few times so..