Rejection or just busy?

I asked him if he wanted to do something next weekend and he said he couldn't because he had to work. I know that's true and that he has a very demanding job. But if he was interested, wouldn't he have at least suggested another date or time?

I was annoyed by him not suggesting another day, so I told him to forget that I'd mentioned it and then made a joke about something else. He replied to the joke. I've not text him since (this was Thursday night) and he's not text me since. Usually we don't go more than a day without texting.

Is he just plain uninterested?


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  • I for one don't like to make plans till I have an opening, canceling seems to do way more damage. Could just be having a busy week or just in need of some alone time. Can try and wait a week and try again, but again, you already took a step maybe it's his turn to step up. After 2weeks - month no date setup, be direct ask or just move on...


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  • Not offering an alternative date and time and not replying to your text gives me the impression he is not interested in you.

  • he luvs u tho


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