Is it not ok or am I overacting?

My bf and I live in New York. He used to live in California 2 years ago when we weren't together yet. There's this girl in CA that likes him and they dated briefly but never become official. The day he moved to NY she cried a lot and begged him to give her his shirt. It has been 2 years but she still constantly wear his shirt and post a picture of it on Facebook #tbt. His friends in CA constantly talk about her with him it drives me nuts. Is this ok or am I overacting?


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  • You're not overreacting, and you're right to be mad, but you can't stop her from posting pictures and wearing his shirt. You should feel confident because your man is with you and not with her. No matter how many pictures she has of his shirt, it does not compare with you having him. As Elisa from "Frozen" sang, "Let it go, Let it go..."

  • If he's with you why do you even care.


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