What is your opinion on age differences?

So there is a man that I met, and just felt an instant connection with him. We haven't spoken much unfortunately but I have recently found out that he is 9 years older than me. I am 23 and he is 32. I have a son who is 3, and I find that males my age dont have the qualities that I require in the position I am in.

I don't have an issue with age, but I am curious if it would be a turn off if he found out that I am 23.


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  • I doubt he'll have an issue with it if you don't.

    It always boils down to compatibility, rather than being the same age. Too big an age gap may make that more tricky, but nine years is far from unheard of.


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  • You're single and 23 and claiming that guys your age don't have the "qualities" and maturity when you have a child? If anything a mature guy with good qualities is gonna avoid dating someone in that "position" because they know that single moms have an insanely high likelihood of being baggage and that many of them are looking for a guy to take care of their kid.

    The age won't be the issue here. Having a kid is a deal breaker on guys' lists. Plus older guys have to watch out for your mindset to avoid getting used. They know girls who think the way you do are looking for a guy to use.

  • "dont have the qualities that I require in the position I am in"

    lol, what are those, a career with a bank roll to pay for some other guys kid?

    • Maturity and acceptance. Which are both qualities I am assuming you don't possess. If you can't be helpful I suggest you choose a different forum.

    • Yeah sure, you're full of shit bitch.

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  • Depends on the man. I am with a 53 year old man. I am 29. We also had an instant connection like that. At first he was concerned about the age gap being an issue, but as the relationship progressed and we got closer and shared our deepest desires and thoughts with each other, the connection and chemistry became difficult for him to ignore. Now, our age gap does not matter. When a bond with someone is that strong, nothing will keep you apart.

  • It totally depends on the man. Some will have no problem with the age difference, some will. Just like some would have a problem with you having a child and some wouldn't.

  • My guy is 11 years older than I
    I'm 19.
    He is great.
    I think I have always been attracted to older guys.
    He is soo considerate.
    And yeah
    Super sex
    Best I ever had.

  • I don't see a problem with an age gap of 9 years. I've dated both younger and older guys and found that people can be mature / immature at any age. You should get to know each other before making judgements based on age. As long as you are attracted to each other who cares, you are both adults.