Do you guys think he ignored my friend request? Ouch, embarrassing?

I was seriously debating whether I should add our Head Chef on Facebook because he has been asking me at work "I heard you're leaving. i'm gonna miss you" I told him I will keep in touch, and he said "that's what everyone says"

I swear it seemed like he's always wanting to tell me something but can't. so I finally got the courage to add him on FB today, and about 3-4 hours has passed and it still hasn't been accepted.

I am really obsessing because I might see him this week and if he doesn't add me on FB, it will be awkward!!


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  • Give it time he may be busy with other things. If you don't hear from him within a couple days then that's diffrent. Not many people spend a great deal of time on line

    • ughh that is so true.

    • If my wife thought my friends were trying to come between us I would totally understand

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  • seriously? give it a couple days before worrying about not being accepted or not

    • :(

    • just give him some time. I've been there with girls before just try and relax about it

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  • It's been a few hours... What's wrong with everybody on this site.
    If somebody added me, they might not even get accepted for a week or even two, because some people aren't on Facebook a lot, maybe once a day maybe once a week maybe even less.