How do you guys handle you rejecting them?

Omg I just don't get why guys don't understand that a "No" means "I don't care about what you do, just stay away from me".
My experience with different guys has been as follows:
1) Good-looking: They tend to be shocked that anyone would reject them. They'll either try showing off to me how they can get any girl they want, or they'll try and contact me a few days later to see if I changed my mind. Some will resort to abuse.
2) Average looking: They tend to become verbally abusive e. g. "well you're a b! tch / sIut any way" etc. They're also quite stalkerish...
3) Ugly - I don't date them usually, but I did this one time and he just wouldn't let go. He was like "i'll never get a girl like you again, please give me another chance". Annoyed me for 6 months.

I meant "How do guys handle you rejecting them"


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  • Common denominator among all those guys: low/fake confidence and not knowing themselves. When you get to the point where you know who you are rejection doesn't bother you because you realize she's the one missing out. It's a journey to get there though.


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  • I strongly suspect some of this is rooted in the notion that a guy has to "win" the girl, thus if for whatever reason she says no, some tend to think it must be because they haven't tried hard enough.

    By the way, my brother's wife said "no" the first time he asked her out and told him he wasn't interested. Then they got married. Some people point to instances like these as reasons why they should just keep on pursuing someone. I suppose they don't understand these are the exception and not the rule.

  • When I get rejected the last thing I want is for it to become awkward between us. I normally just shrug it off and the rest depends on her reaction.

    If she's (for whatever reason) apologizing for rejecting me, I'll make sure to explain that it's fine.

    If she has no reaction, it's just a simple "ok".

    But acting like a prick because you got rejected is pretty sad if you ask me, and it certainly isn't a step in the right direction.

  • You know women do the exact same thing as well.

  • I craii for days, months, and years 😢

  • I just avoid women.

    • Very few women are worth dating these days.

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    • suuuure you're not (not with a woman anyway!)

    • Not with your type, that's for sure.

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  • Everything you just said down to a T.