Should I send Flowers to the girl I'm seeing on her birthday?

I've been on 3 dates with this girl now. I am in that stage where i don't know where we stand. Her birthday is Friday and i know where she works. Should i send her some flowers or is it too soon? (i know her favorite color is pink so those are the kind id probably send to her)


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  • Yeah! I know that even if i had no interest in a guy and we werent dating at all, i love flowers no matter what and it would make me happy. So the fact that you have been on a few dates would make it all the better when she recievs flowers from someone she likes (:

  • I think that's an awesome idea. Girls love flowers, even more when we get too show them off. Send them too her work with a note asking for another date, and wish her a happy birthday. What's the worst that can happen?


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