Is it weird to talk to a guy you haven't talked to for a long time?

A few years ago i was sort of dating someone and then suddenly we didn't talk to each other anymore. But a week ago i spoke to him at a party and we had fun but we were both also drunk i guess. Is it weird if i start talking him again on fb or something and if it's not, what should i say please help i think i like him and i've done stupid things


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  • No its not weird, if you really like that boy, then you should talk him even years pass, nd maybe he didn't like your attitude of not talking him for a period of time but you can make him forget that by talking him nd as you said that you like him so by loving him too

  • If you really like him you should talk to him cz usually boys are wating some signes from girrllsss✅✅


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