How do I make the boy I like fall head over heels for me like I am him?

I am dating this boy and he says he likes me but he just isn't getting those butterflies, but I have them, is there a way I can give him those butterflies?


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  • Study witchcraft, knock up a love potion.


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  • Hmm... well so far you've got him "reserved" I guess you could say. I mean you're dating, but you're obviously not deeply "in love" yet ya know? I was in this situation sort of for a long time also. I had a guy that I liked, but he liked another girl who was way prettier and more popular than me. He asked that girl out and she shot him down. About a month later he found out I liked him (it was kinda embarrassing) and about a month after that he asked me out! And now we've been dating for over a year. So what did I do? Not much tbh. I put an extra effort towards my appearance, I tried not to nag him too much, and one last thing I did-i made him jealous. I feel kind of bad about it now, but i didn't make him jealous on purpose. Within that time between when he found out I like him and him asking me out a guy from my church asked me out, and at lunch I asked all my friends for their opinions.(he sat at our lunch table) he didn't say anything and I didn't really think much of it. I found out that he was jealous though after we started dating when he told me about it. So that's my story. So again like I said making him jealous might do something. Although don't go making out with someone or anything. This may or may not work either way good luck!

    • Deliberately making someone jealous can blow up in your face >_< I know someone whose reaction when jealous was to snap out and hurt the person she was with, as opposed to try and pull him closer.