Guys, should I just give up trying?

Guys have never shown interest in me. Its aways been like that and I thought being in college would change that but it hasn't. I've never been kissed or held, or asked on a date. And when I have bee asked out, it was just as a joke. I see guys pass me all the time because I don't look or act like other girls and even the girls who wouldn't even suspect would have a date are perfectly happy in their realtionships. Should I just give up trying or should I wait?

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  • You sound a lot like me. To be honest though once I learned to accept the fact that I'm meant to be alone it becomes much easier to deal with.


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  • As difficult as it may seem to believe , the less interested you act towards guys the more interesting you become. It's like a mystery that they can't solve ( if that makes sence ) don't give up. The rite person is well worth the wait.

  • Perhaps you're looking at the wrong guys? I have literally NEVER seen a girl too ugly, too weird, or to ANYTHING to stay single forever!

    And you only said you're weird! =P If you don't act like other girls, embrace it.

    You might also want to try different approaches: if you're waiting for a guy to ask you out and they aren't, why not ask THEM out? :3

  • First of all be happy with yourself... the rest will fall in to place. I would rather be alone and happy than with someone and miserable anyway. But my gut tells me you will find someone... be patient.

  • Want to go on a date with me?


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  • Maybe guys don't try because you have this negative enery about you. Who's going to approach someone who is so down on themselves