Just a friend? Really?

So i've had contact with this girl for Some time. We talk a lot and went out together.

But she has a friend (guy) who she sees once a week, and then they dine or watch a movie together. She says he is just a friend, because he is not her type en she is not his type. But when they meet up it is nearly everytime at his house and when they watch a movie they just sit next to each other or against each other, nothing happens according to her.

So is he just a friend of hers, or more?

Well the date didn't go that smoothly. She was on her phone most of the time, didn't talk a lot and directly went home afther the date. So not sure what to make of it. She was talking on the phone with that Guy all the time i presume. So now what?


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  • I think she could be telling the truth about him really being just her friend. I have a friend that I see/chill with almost every weekend and we're just friends. She could just like his company and be really comfortable with him to have him around so much. We all have that one friend we just like to have around. Nothing weird about that. (:


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  • Listen to her! Guys and girls can be just friends


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  • He may be brother zoned or they just doesn't relude they like each other yet