Met this guy on tinder first date went well, we set up a second date but he's asked to postpone it twice now, not interested, what should I do?

So I went on a date with this guy I met off tinder and it went really well he mentioned about a second date whilst we were still on the first and texted after it to say he'd had a lovely time and arranged to meet up the next week. He then texted me a couple of days before it to ask whether we could push it back as he had a lot of uni work to do I said it was fine. We rearranged for another day next week then a day before he texted saying his mate was desperate for him to cover his shift and that would it be okay to reschedule it again, he also stressed he wasn't bailing and he really wanted to see me again and kept apologising. But we still haven't set a date for the second date even though we're still in contact and he'll keep 'saying speak soon?' At the end of texting.

Basically I'm tempted to just straight out ask him If he still wants to do something this week? I can't be bothered to be in contact with a guy who isn't going to see me again.
Can anyone give me their opinion on this and whether this is the right thing for me to do?


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  • I'm in a really similar situation. I think you should ask him if he wants to do something this weekend. If he postpones it again or is vague, then just move on. I'd be upfront and tell him that you had a good time, but that if he doesn't want to see you again you don't want to waste your time. Good luck! :)


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  • Move on. What else can you do? :P

  • Give it time. He probably is genuinely busy and I know I ran into those situations before and was SO grateful for the people patient with me. If he does it like a fourth time (after 3 times he should find SOME way to see you, even if it's in the middle of the night if he likes you) THEN drop it