Should I cut him out?

I like him and I thought he liked me, but lately thinks have been pretty weird. We're still talking a lot, but less than normal. I'm worried he's trying to tell me he's not interested. But if he is then he's stringing me along by texting and replying really quickly. Should I just cut him out if he's messing me about like that?


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  • ... We're still talking... which means, open lines of convo are somehow being initiated here, dear, even If-------Less than normal.
    It would seem that with him still pushing a button on his own end and 'Replying really quickly,' he is also hanging in there and showing you somewhat that he is Interested.' and being you both are going back and forth with "He said, she said," maybe it is time to have a little pet talk and get to the bottom so it doesn't continue a yo yo playing cat and mouse.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I think you should ask him what he wants. This will end all doubts and all intentions will be clear.


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  • Give it time.
    Sometimes guys pull away if you're getting to close but if he's serious, he'll come back around and stick through. Otherwise don't waste your time. Now it's just a matter of how long you're willing to wait to see if he comes around.