This is maybe a dumb question, but why can't I get a girlfriend?

I always feel like other girls are disappointed by the apparent lack of effort in my appearance, like I don't really know how to use makeup yet and I have no good style for my hair. I don't think my personality is too horrible either... and it's not like I'm trying to jump straight to "girlfriend" by skipping "friend" or something. It just seems like no girls are interested in me, so it's been over 2 years since my last relationship :c any suggestions or advice? I am sooo tired of being lonely and recently I've been having dreams of shopping for a wedding dress or actually being up there at the altar in the dress and getting married... being so alone is taking a toll on me I think lol


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  • maybe... u should turn that frown upside down=]
    it's a lot to do with ur attitude i reckon. if u exude happiness, confidence, and cheerfulness, then you'll just become infectious to be around.
    makeup isn't important. trust me. your hair looks fine from what i see, but if you'd like to go for a new cut or colour, go for it! it does wonders and will boost ur self esteem.

    listen girl. there r men and women on this site who haven't had anyone all their lives and theyre older than u r. finding someone who's worth it is about patience. lots of it. u think ur lonely? what about that girl who's been dreaming of love all her life and is now 30 without a man? ... or that guy who's battling through the insults of other men just because he's waiting for someone special. loneliness takes its toll, but u know it'll b worth it someday.


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  • It could be a numbers game since you'll have to meet girls that like girls, and there aren't too many as per total percentage. Two years is not a long time by the way.

  • Its gonna be harder to find lesbians that's probably why

  • oh.. so she's a lesbian..


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  • I don't think it has anything to do with what you do with your hair or makeup. What about all those butch women, who crop their hair as short as a man's and never wear a lick of makeup? How do they get girls if they aren't wearing makeup and don't have their hair perfect? I think it's ignorant of anyone to suggest that having skills with makeup or hair would in any way make your chances of finding a girlfriend any greater or lesser. No offense.

    First of all, just be yourself. If you don't like wearing a lot of makeup, don't force yourself to start wearing eyeliner everyday because you think it'll get you a girlfriend. The same goes for doing your hair. The philosophy is, if they don't like you at your worst, they don't deserve you at your best.

    What it comes down to, unfortunately, is finding a girl who likes girls. And then from there, it's finding the right girl. How you go about that, however, is your business. :)

  • It's NOT that no one wants you, yes my personal opinion give a little time into learning how to use make-up YouTube is phenomenal, and even with hair tutorials. I think you just have to wait for the one, I don't know I have a good amount of gay friends and they find it difficult to find a partner too. Get all dolled up and hit the gay clubs, I'm straight but those clubs are fun as fuck! Best of luck.

  • oh sweetheart <33333

    I don't know why girls wouldn't be into you, you are so beautiful and sweet!! You probably just haven't met somebody compatible yet, it happens. There is no rush, you know? <3333