Relationship or Sex?

I've dated a bunch of girls in the past and they all have ended badly, I'm talking to this chick and she wants to have a relationship but tbh I kinda just wanna have sex, it probably sounds like I'm being a douche but I don't want a realationship what should I tell her I don't wanna knock her up then leave?


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  • So basically you're wondering if you should lead her on? No. Don't be that guy. Just straight up tell her that you're not ready for a real relationship and that you'd much rather keep things casual. And please don't try to have a friends with benefits kind of relationship with her. You're clearly on different pages (even though she might end up saying otherwise - lies) and you'll just end up hurting her. Stay away from girls who want relationships if you don't want one. Find girls who are on the same page as you. You'll avoid a ton of drama by doing that.


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  • Tell her 'I don't want a relationship'.


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  • Tell her the simple truth, if you honestly don't want to hurt her.