When a girl says "yes maybe" to hang out, is she interested?

So we've been talking and flirting for the past couple of months and she is showing more and more interest as she is much more comfortable around me. This includes: touching, teasing, mocking, imitation (through text), and play fights and arguments.
So the other day I told her that we should go watch a soccer or hockey game together one day. (I didn't set an actual date/time). She replied with "Ya sure we should sometime maybe." The "maybe" confuses and bothers me because I heard that "maybe" = "no". But she said "yes" as well. This was all through text as well so I don't know her facial expression or tone of voice.
What are your thoughts about this statement? I meant it more as a friendly thing than a romantic date. But I'm just curious to know how she feels about me that's all. Thanks!


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  • Yeah I would say she might be trying to play it cool, like she doesn't know you so you should go slow


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  • Well she don't know for certain but the future brings so she's not sure, that is all.