Is looking older a bad thing?

I look older than my current age. I am mistaken for being 22 or 23. One time 26 (by a foreigner) not that that makes a difference. I always have people asking me to buy them alcohol and I just say "I'm 18". Most people are just like "Really?, You older" but some people straight up don't believe me. I used to have a beard but shaved it off after a girl told me I looked like a 30 year old man. I know I don't look 30, but I also know that I look at least 22. Is this like really bad or something? It makes dating difficult, that's for sure. I'm also not the best looking guy. If I was hot and looked 22 it would be one thing. But I'm on the low side of average and look a few years older. Girls seem to pay no interest to me. I mean I have plenty of friends that are girls, most of them are pretty attractive too, but none of them or any girls for that matter see me as someone they would date. Does a guy like me have a chance? I feel like I have a life of being single ahead of me..


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  • Well I am 19 but have always been mistaken for much older when I was 15 most people assumed that I was in my 20's and so on, all I can say is, join the club and also that I personally have always found guys who look older to be far more attractive, although a lot of that is personality, so to answer your question, act mature and confident, and girls will totally respond positively


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  • I have the same problem dude, everyone tells me I look older and they're usually shocked that I'm not at least 23, but I wouldn't worry for you as far as dating goes you just have to find the right girl.


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  • No, people thought I was older that I was when I was your age because of the types of jobs I had. I made it work to my advantage.