What's the first thing you can do or say or do to a girl to draw her attention?

Besides eye contact and compliments (Which I don't agree will always get a girls attention especially if they're pretty because let's fact it, they're told by guys at least 20 times a day they're pretty) what other ways can you get a girl infatuated with you?


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  • To get a girls attention literally walk up to her and start a conversation, be courageous. And if you make eye contact with this girl wink at her, girls like that. If you really want a girl to become infatuated with you, make her laugh and let hre be herself when she's around you.


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  • you have to find a way to let her know you're interested but also make it seem like you're not at the same time, and could do way better than her. gotta mind fuck em a little.

  • Buy her a taco. Bitches like tacos.