Ladies, would you date a guy that was 290lbs at 5'9?

I'm asking on behalf of a friend. He has really let himself go and has gained a tremendous amount of weight along with physical problems associated with such weight gain.

He can no longer run around be participate in many high energy activities. high blood pressure, at risk for diabetes, heart problems are starting to appear.

He still wants to date and thinks maybe that might help him feel less depressed. He wants to know if anyone would be interested in him right now? or should he wait until his health is better and he is physical fit?


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  • Maybe, if he's good looking with that good wholesome personality. Goofiness also helps. I may sound like I'm pulling this out of my rear, but my boyfriend is 5'10" and weighed 250 when I met him. I was very alright with dating him, he's lost weight so far and has hit 230 he still wants to lose more weight, but I love him. Weight doesn't change that. He should take some swim aerobics classes, he wants to be around for whomever he is with for a very long time! Oh yeah keep in mind I'm a 5'5" 117lb girl myself.

    • Thank you, ill be sure to let him know :)


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  • You need to get him help once you get Diabetes Its a tough life unless you crack the whip hard on yourself

    • i've been trying to encourage him for 2 years now to be more active and eat healthier. He does so for a few weeks ( the most he's done is 2 months) and then he goes back to his old ways. I'm very active myself, so i told him he can join me any time he would like and i adjust me activity to help him adjust to working out. But he just won't stick with it.

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    • thats a good idea, i will show him a video.. maybe it will help. I'm really worried about his health.

    • Good Idea because He does not want Diabetes trust me

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  • Not my body style of choice. But does he have a dynamic personality? That could make a world of difference when someone is looking.

    • Truthfully, he use to. he was the life of the party type of guy. But now he's always easily angered, and doesn't joke around. you have to start up the conversation with him and sometimes when you are joking around he will abruptly get upset.

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    • thats a different view. I always thought the depression came from the weight gain not the other way around. That might be why its so hard for him to get back in shape and be healthy. thanks for the input :)

    • You're very welcome :)

  • Depends who he is looking to date, I suppose.

    I would not date someone so out of shape because they quite simply wouldn't be able to keep up with me. I am very active and high energy. I would be a liar if I didn't also admit I would not be physically attracted to him.

    • I feel the same way. I've tried to encourage him to be active. I'm very active and enjoy staying fit. Its fun for me, i even like eating healthy. But after a short while he goes back to his old ways. And he doesn't enjoy his time while participating in work out activities like i do.