Ladies, if you're going to date bad boys can you not cry when they break your heart?

You knew the consequences so don't cry when one of these 2 + 2 losers break your heart.

These are the type of women that keep crying "All men ain't shit" or "All men are the same". Lol.


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  • It doesn't matter if they are a bad boy or not to begin with. Sometimes these boys become heartless after a while and or show their real personality later on. Same thing with girls though.
    However, there is a difference between a man and a boy as there is a difference between a woman and a girl.


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  • well ALL girls have feelings. even if it were some random "nice guy" they'd probably still cry! Most girls i know are fuckin sensitive, so if they have a broken heart, whose not to cry?

    • Well it's true that they are still human and have emotions, the fact remains that these types of girls never learn their lesson.

      It's like if someone burned themself on the stove being reckless, and then they kept doing it over and over again... they don't learn their lesson to avoid it next time.

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    • that's true i guess.. but i guess that's just how it is lol. some girls will move on easy. then theirs the others that will sob and do exactly what you think they do

    • omfg xDD @ArchDruidMordred

  • Haha I dated a bad boy knowing what would happen and he broke up with me and I was ok with it.

  • WHATTTTTTTTT this question CANNOT be legit. the lord is surely testing me...


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