When it "normal/expected/reasonable" to talk previous relationships or disclose info such as being divorced?

Dating for 2 months and I found out that he was divorced about 2 years ago but he hasn't personally told me so I'm wondering at what point is that considered lying or trying to hide? Isn't that kind of a big deal to not tell someone or is it too soon, if so, when?


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  • It could be that he has a problem telling you for fear of being judged on a failed marriage. It was along about this same time frame that I told my girl about my Divorce. She then told me of hers. It wasn't at all shocking to either of us. He will get around to it as soon as the worry fades away


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  • 2 months seems a little long. have you determined your relationship yet? are you official? maybe ask him about his past now and see if he tells you then ask why it took him so long... it could be painfully embarassing for him or something