When things get hot and heavy hoe to turn down sex in a non discouraging way?

We just had a first date, and I don't want to sleep with him just yet, but we have crazy chemistry and attraction. When we started making out it gets intense. How can I stop it so it's still hot and sexy and doesn't lead to sex. What to say/do? I really want to sleep with him and he does too but I want to wait until at least the 4th date


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  • just tell him to wait. lol "im not ready yet." or "the best things are worth the wait" kinda way

  • I'm in the same predicament so my advice is b4 u stayrt making out our what ever you do with him and say somethinglong the lines of sexually u want to but emotionally you don't until you are in a relationship that u want him to have respect for you that men don't have respect for girls that give it up to quick that if you didn't want a relationship it w would b different so when the time is right you'll rock his world