Girls, do you prefer tall men?

Do you like your boyfriend to be taller than you, or does it matter at all?

  • I prefer guys taller or the same height
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  • I don't care
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  • I like shorter guys
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  • I'm a guy and I'm voting just to see the results
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Handsome tall white guys only, or just handsome white guys, or handsome white guys with money to be even better than handsome white guys.

    Maybe latinos who remember white, are white or don't think about race and consider themselves white like majority of people in real life, are my second choice if they are attractive like whites, consider himself white and etc...

    Asian guys of white skin only, Asians guys of brown skin are ewwww for me, little disgusting, i don't care for them being small if they have white skin, nice hair, don't think in race, are confindent, have car, good personality and money. Nobody cares for Asian guys dating white girls in the same way than latinos, so if this Asian guy have weird behavior with myself being race trophy in his mind and he talking about race like myself being affirmation for his insecurities against white guys, he is shit for me.

    Blacks just not, only with so much money, being very rich, celebrity I would think in maybe accept something and have no self-respect, destroy my life, know what he is thinking of me, live around other disgusting blacks with fetish in me and thinking in myself being their affirmation against white, abandom my family, and the fact that they are ewwww disgusting, but maybe being really rich than everybody, celebrity I would think in accept something so disgusting for my life and I'm not natural attracted, and be viewed also like the sick women dating blacks and feed their disgusting fantasies...

    I think would exist other women easier with all ameriloser black boy fantasy support affirmation and the bias, etc... all the bizarre sick disgusting biased things invented in america because i know the hatred and envy against white and American libtard weak subservient loser self-hater pathetic sick non-natural white guilt social engineering and reverse fake world of the media when they are trying to force shit with blacks.

    I prefer caucasian, maybe white latino, rich Asian white skin, eeww no blacks.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I did a similar poll that had a decent amount of responses a while ago, here's the results if it's helpful:

  • evolololutian demands this


What Girls Said 3

  • If my soul-mate was shorter than me, who cares, but overall yes i am more attracted to tall guys :) Pretty much all of my past boyfriends have been around 6 foot or just under, tall guys just physically appeal to me. I think its because they make you feel protected and safe, or something :)
    Short guys are great too. My guy bet friend is short, but he'r really attractive, and has girls lined up around the block!

  • I'm 4'11 so I would not like to date someone shorter than me. I wouldn't mind a short guy cuz that would even out the hight difference for me. But my boyfriend is 6'3...

  • i'm 5'5'' a and men over 6' are the best to me

  • I don't really care. I'd date him but no shorter then my shoulder. But Id date boys shorter and taller. The perks of a tall guy is he can pick you up, lift you, swing you, and etc. It might be a little hard if he's shorter. But short guys are cute. But I might feel like babying him. Like its so cute and I might tease him alittle for it lol.