Is it possible to win over my female friend I like who has a bf?


I am an expat of south Asian decent born an raised in England who now lives in Singapore. It's a country where predominantly men on my colour have little luck as majority of the girls here prefer to date white or fair skinned men.

Anyway several months ago I randomly saw this stunning girl in a mall and I casually walked upto her , cracked a joke to which she laughed and I asked what she would say if I asked her out for a coffee.. She said ok but she hs a bf. I thought that's ok maybe she's trying to dissuade me. Anyway we met up for coffee and since then I've seen her a few times. I've given her small treats from when I travel. She is 23 and likes my maturity as a 31 year old. She doesn't always reply to my texts but whenever we do go out we have a great time. I playfully flirt with her, compliment on how great she looks, sometimes tease her too and listen well. We spoke about her bf but it doesn't seem like things are going well, when asked she says it's ok sometimes hardly see him, but sometimes she says she's really busy and so just sees him on weekdays and nights. But I don't see that she talks about him with enthusiasm. Anyway I like this girl and she has told me about my good qualities etc. Thankfully she's not used the you're a nice guy line.

What should I do?


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  • If she has a boyfriend she's off limits


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  • No? She has a boyfriend.


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  • You should respect their relationship. Don't be a girlfriend stealer.

  • She has a boyfriend, back off. Unless she becomes single, she's taken. Regardless of the strength of the relationship.