You have a dinner date tonight... either with your guy/girl or a first date. What to cook and what to wear?

The option "with your guy/girl or a first date" depends on your relationships status of course...

If you're a total non-cook than perhaps tell something about what menu you'd like her/him to surprise you with.

And what could be your outfit for the opportunity?


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  • Well if it's a real date and not casual

    and I just learned how to cook this which I'm going to try to do for a date sometime

    I'd also cook green beans and home cooked french fries.

    • Oh yes, roast chicken is very popular here in Belgium too... and put some French fries aside and it can only be delicious.
      That plus the classy look means you'll score!

  • Spaghetti and Meat Balls and a White suit

    • Oh wow man - your princess is due to arrive every minute :-)
      And if a girl would make me those, we would be in for a nice dinner since I love spaghetti... I'm a pasta addict!

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    • That tip will do the job, for sure :-)

    • I hope so I am counting on it

  • i will make some french fries with ketchup and dress casually i hate "elegant" clothes and food.

    oh and by the way, congrats for becoming super mod... you were just regular mod before if i remember well

    • French fries... as a Belgian I can't say no haha. The most yummy thing in the wold :-)
      I've been supermod for about 3 months I think. And thanks! Didn't have to do anything for it, just got a "thanks for your efforts" mail from the admin team and the message I had been promoted.
      Always nice of course!

  • We'll probably go out to eat and i'd wear a casual clothes like this

  • I'd cook and wear something casual. :/
    I'm not like those freaks who always pick the most classiest and fanciest and expensive things to go on a dinner date. -__-

  • She wears panties and apron you do the same. Cook burgers