Is this how a new relationship is suppose to feel?

I've been dating a guy I met on match for around three months now. He is currently in his third year of residency and lives about two hours away from me. We see each other when we can and always have fun together. Last week I was up visiting him and wanted to know what he considered us. We had been intimate and I told him I didn't want to get hurt again. He asked me if that meant I wanted to be boyfriend and girlfriend and he said that he considered me his girlfriend. I came back home Tuesday and we haven't talked much since. Being as he worked five nights in a row and I'm a nurse and worked three nights. I texted him today and he asked how I was. I told him I had a sinus infection and he didn't even say feel better or anything... I'm kind of upset about it and feel like maybe I should just back off. I told him whenever he gets a free chance to call me and left it at that. I was excited to be with him because he does make me happy but ever since Monday night when we officially became boyfriend/girlfriend I feel like things have changed and not in a good way.


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  • maybe he just feels comfortable since you guys are officially together. or maybe he's been extra busy. I don't know I think you might be overthinking it. I think typically when a label is put on it, guys get more comfortable talking less and girls tend to get clingy and expect to talk all the time. I just feel like that's usually what happens. I think you should wait and see how things go the next time you visit him. And it's only been a week, give it some time and give him the benefit of the doubt I am sure he's super busy.


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  • Oh that's too long


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