Did I never mean anything to him? Was I just being used to try to get over his ex? Please read?

A guy in one of my classes last semester started talking to me and at first I wasn't interested, but then he grew on me and I really started to like him. He introduced me to all his friends and I hung out with all of them every weekend. I really liked his friends and they really like me too. Over Christmas break he stopped talking to me to talk to his ex again but lied to me about the reason. Things with his ex didn't work out so he started talking to me again. When we got back to school he told me he was so sorry and he thought it might be worth it bc he used to love her but then realized it wasn't and that he wants me and that I'm his girl and only option. I have in and took him back. Since then we sought every time we drank. Every time we went out we would see my ex and I would always say hi or he would text me and my guy would get mad. It always resulted in a fight. One night he got tired of it and said he didn't want to talk anymore that were done. We decided to remain friends but then hooked up a week after breaking up. He didn't want to get back together so I said to leave me alone. All of his friends really like me so they made me apologize and say I wanted to be friends so that we could all still hang out. I did and we have all drank several times together since then and he ends up getting mad at me every time about something. A couple days ago he told me he's trying to get his ex back and was going to go to psu to try to get with Her bc she's nicer and cooler than me. He ended up not going and I asked why and he said she doesn't want to get back together. Did I mean nothing to him if he's trying to get back with his ex before me? I feel like he loved her the entire time and just used me to try to get over her. I feel terrible and used. I really liked him and believed all the lies he told me. I don't know what to do.


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  • Wish what a douche that is horrible. Seems like you were his trampoline and had fun with you before he jumped back to his ex. Fudge that is wrong seemed like he dated you just to date you and was controlling. A liar too he is ugghhh I would have called it quits if he is lying to you. Hate liars, don't do that to me there is no reason to play freaking games with people's freaking feelings.


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  • Several red flags with this guy. One is he's a liar two you're his best and only option? What the hell does that mean? Three his ex is nicer and cooler than you. You really want this jerk? Run, you can do better


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