When does age difference become weird?

Ok so at what number does age become weird? Say one is 20 and the other 15


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  • When they're old enough to be your parent


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  • It becomes weird when you feel there is a significant mental and generational difference.

    • Well she is actually mature

  • 20 and 15 is kind of getting there lol. If she's 15 then the highest she should date is 18 or 19. Even at that age having sex would be illegal

    • Yea but I'm not the type to try to get them in bed.. I'm actually staying pure till marriage..

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    • All parents are different.

    • If her parents don't care, then your good to go.

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  • Of course there's no actual rule but if you're dating someone who is less than "half your age plus 7 years" it becomes weird to a lot of people.

    • I think the same but is different when 1 is a minor

    • If she is a minor then most states allow you to be no more than 4 years older. (Often called a Romeo/Juliet clause). Check your state laws.

  • oh thats a bit much, but after 21 i think its fine to date someone 20 years older than you
    i. e. 21 year old guy dating 40 year old woman, or vice versa

    • 20 years not the situation her to me thats ok but I'm asking when one is a minor

    • hmmm well its illegal =(
      but if the feelings are strong, feelings of love, not i want to bang this hot 15 year old
      Then be careful, i understand you can't choose love, just be prepared to handle some immaturity, or certain other things that come along with dating a 15 year old
      good luck
      and dont make it super public, i mean dont pick her up from school and shit like that

  • until 24, the change is usually so drastic 5 years is a lot in these ages...

  • If anyone is 19 or 20 and the other person is 5 years younger or so it is not so good but the other direction 5 to even 20 years isn't bad but there are tons of things to think about such as kids etc but your example is more about jail.

    • True but I'm not looking for sex right now

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    • I don't think it's creepy

    • Sure... take care and say hi to Bubba for me