How to take next step/what should I do to next with girl I really like?

Me and this girl met last semester and near the end of the semester I got her number and we hung out a couple times and held hands and texted for awhile. Then part of the way through Christmas break she stopped replying to my texts for several days at a time. After a while and once we were back in school I asked what was up and if we still had a thing going or if she just wanted to be friends. She said she liked me and liked getting to know me but really wanted to stay school focused. and went on to say she liked our friendship and if it grew into something more thatd be great but she didn't want to rush. We have class together 3 times a week and I still talked to her then but gave her space outside of class, then this week she asks if I wanted to go to go karting and laser tag with her and her roommate and their boyfriend. So I went and we had fun and afterwards she said she had fun and that she had to study the rest of this weekend but would like to hang out more after spring break. I really like this girl so I will be as patient as I have to, but is there anything I could do to make her more comfortable with the thought of us being a couple?


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  • Do the little things like opening doors and such and complimenting her and instead of driving her home walk her home if it isn't too far... never the less to say be comfortable around her I mean very comfortable. And ask her out on a date to the movies and dinner is a great way to start. And make sure she knows how you do feel... It seems like you really like her and if she doesn't feel the same way right now it wouldn't be go for you to potentially get more deep feelings for her.


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  • Just spend more time together I think. You may feel like she doesn't know what she wants, but it sounds like she does want you, so if you just spend time together it should fall into place

    Don't back off, ask her to do things too, if she says she can't, suggest another time. There's no harm in her saying no. Just be persistent but don't come across too hard. If she says no, take it easy and say it's fine.