To message or to wait?

I met this guy one night about a month and a half ago. Nothing sexual etc happened. He lived in a different city and was just there for work. He went home but we kept in touch. Due to circumstances with my job, I got transferred to his city. I contacted him when I got to the city and after I assuring him that it wasn't a joke he said that he would meet me after work and we should go out for a drink. We did, and he kept prolonging the evening- like 'Oh should we get another beer?'
After he walked me home and kissed me, stuff got a hot and heavy but we didn't have sex-sex. The next day he was going away for the weekend so he didn't stay over (plus in my apartment for the time being I only have a single bed). That was Thursday... it's now Monday and I haven't heard from him. Yes, I know he was away for the weekend and I'm not expecting him to message me while he's away... especially after one date.

But my thing is... how long do I wait for him to text me... Or should I just message him? I don't want to be pushy etc but at the same time I don't want to just leave it and make him think that I'm not interested in pursuing something.


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  • Give it 3 more days then call him


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  • Always wait. If he is interested he will always call/text. That way you know if he is genuinely interested.


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  • You should wait, and also program yourself that he may be a one night stander- and this will be his loss.
    Don't call him.