Where do you find nice girls?

I seem to keep meeting odd, weird and mean and nasty girls that just treat me badly. Where do I meet nice girls? What type of places?

Please no mean Comments, I know there are good, nice and kind girls and all I wanting is to meet one of these nice girls. This question is not meant to offend anyone. 😀

@misscoffeehead what do you think.


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  • Anywhere really. Just sit and observe. Just don't do anything. You can tell which girl is nice according to how she interacts with people. If your nice to them they will be nice to you. Keep the talking to a minimum and listen more to what the girl needs to say if you get to that opportunity to talk to them. And always smile, laugh.

    • I try to be nice to girls but it feels like many just aren't nice back. I do try to listen but I never get the chance to listen. I don't know I give up. It is all too hard.

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    • Why does it feel like so many give me nasty looks :(

    • Tell me how can I approach girls or even talk to them in public places when it seems all the do is just look away or frown or scowl at me and just shut my chance and kill the mood 😢

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  • Book stores, but not the girls that are just sitting there drinking coffee, and reading magazines. Girls that actually read, from what I have seen are nicer. We might be defensive at first, but usually after you get past that were squishy balls of fandoms. Ask if she is shipping anybody in the book yet, and what the peoples story is. Would work on me :)

    • What why do some girls be defensive?

    • Because usually they have been hurt in the past, and sometimes it is hard to look past that. Also for girls who read books its probably either or that we get made fun of for having fandoms and shipping, and falling in love with books, so we are distrustful.

  • anywhere honestly... nice girls are the type of girls who seem normal. i mean just go to the grocery store and you'll probably see a lot of nice girls. nice girls say thank you, please, are cordial towards others, mind there own business, aren't cocky and they dont show off, they are low key.

  • Really any public place, like the park or a coffee shop. Decent girls hang out anywhere. I'm not sure why you keep meeting these terrible girls. I hope your opinions haven't become biased about females because of some poor experiences, however I can see why it would shy you away.

    • I try my best not to let my poor experiences change my view on all girls because I know there are good girls out there and it makes me angry when girls do it to us guys. The thing is I keep getting nasty and mean scowls and frowns from many not all girls. The problem is it has made me scared to approach girls now and I am sure I am missing out on nice and kind girls. I also get so confused to with when a girl wants me to approach or not.

    • I feel your pain :(

  • in the office?
    definitely not in a bar IF you want to be safe (if you're approaching a sexy girl)

    • I just don't know how to read girls when it comes to this kind of thing so I tend not to bother approaching as I feel I have no idea how she will react.

  • I don't know... I am wondering where I can meet nice guys. :)


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  • A big part of if they are nice to you depends on how you treat them. I'm not suggesting you have the power to cause every person to interact with you positively though. A girl you'll end up liking can be anywhere. The key is knowing what you're attached to so you can identify them.

    • Yeah I know what I am attracted to I think. I don't believe I treat most girls terribly. I never do a lot of the perverted things that many guys do for example.

  • here in GAG we've got many nice girls... ain't we?

    smiley-lol. com/smiley/celebre/historique/napoleon1. gif