Should I stay with my boyfriend or am I better off without him after so much drama with his ex?

I have been with my boyfriend for a few months now and I have strong feelings for him. we have so much in common and he has treated me very well. Though there has been drama because of his ex. they broke up 2 months before I met him from a 4 yr relationship. she cheated and then threatend suicide if he didn't take her back. because of this he didn't want her to know about me and kept in touch with her, took her to counseling. he even uninvited me to a party with his friends because she said she was going & he didn't want the drama. last week we where away on a trip where I was helping him with his work & she textd him telling him she was in a relationship with the guy she cheated with. he seemed quite upset about this deleted her from Facebook and posted a status about how she had cheated on him. he then seemed upset because she has blocked him from Facebook and she called him and he went outside to take the call.. I was pretty upset about all of this & brought it up to him, saying I felt like a rebound and that he was always putting her feelings before mine. he kept appologisingn saying that it had to happen and he's sorry I had to see it, but he finally feels free of her, like she's not his responsibility anymore. he really wants to make it up to me and prove to me how much he does like me and wants to put me first.. he said that I am exactly what he needs and wants me in his life etc.. I really care for him but I still can't help but feel hurt and not sure if I should continue the relationship.


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  • I think you should try to put yourself in his situation. I get where you're coming from but if it's a matter of someone you care about potentially being a little upset and someone else you used to care about possibly killing themselves come on seriously? I honestly can't blame him for what he did it shows he's a caring dedicated person. Give him a chance to make it up to you, it sounds like he wants to. And it doesn't sound like you're a rebound either.

  • I think he felt like the other girl's life depended on him so try to let that topic pass. Keep dating him and eventually it'll become a thing of the past