It is possible to love three people at once?

A friend of mine is in a relationship with someone she has been with for over 2 years now. She swears up and down she loves him but he seems a bit mean and they seem a bit irritated with each other every time I'm around she doesn't want to call it quits because they have been though to much together but sometimes it seems impossible to please her boyfriend.
In school their is this guy, his name is Hunter and he is the sweetest man I've ever met. I don't think she likes him though, I think she might have feelings for him but maybe she is just confused right now. I think she just likes to toy with his emotions. She often likes to hurt boys.
Then theirs Denny... Hottest... Boy... Alive. He plays soccer and smoke weed and is an all around undercover bad boy, it's kind of his thing. Other than that he is nice I guess, seems like he is just looking for a booty call but he seems to mean the same to her. She talks about this guy all the time and can never really get him of her mind. When they're around each other I can see in her eyes she's happy, and in his smile he is as well. She has asked me for advice on this multiple times but I always seem to change the subject because I don't really know how to respond. I often feel bad because I'm her best friend and I'm supposed to be able to help her. As a future psychologist I don't even know how to respond. I want the best for her and I need some advice on this. Can anyone help?


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  • I suggest telling her what you think. In my opinion I think she should go with Hunter, but that's just me. Tell her to write down all the pros and cons of each boy, and then consider which one she thinks she'll be happiest with. It seems obvious to me that her and her boyfriend aren't going to make it far, so I think she should try someone else. Or maybe she should just take a break altogether to recapture her thoughts. Either way good luck.


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  • No.
    Your friend is confused and has a lot of growing up to do yet


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  • She's in lust. Tell her to have more sex with the one she's with. That will sort the rest of the mess out

    • That's what I feel is wrong but her and her boyfriend have sex all the time. Maybe she is just to young to take a relationship seriously and she just wants to sleep with everyone. I don't know. Thanks for your opinion!