If I tell him this will it scare him away?

I'm dating this guy and I like him a lot to the point I just want to talk to him all day long. Is that bad? Should I tell him I enjoy talking to him and want to talk to him all day? Or would think that'll scare him away?

What should I do?


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  • If you've only started dating recently I'd hold off on that just in case you might come off as too strong. I think you'd be fine if you just said you enjoy talking to him but leave out the "all day" part even though you mean it in an innocent way he could still perceive that as being possessive

    • We've been friends for over three years now, BUT decided to date in January... I just feel extremely comfortable and vulnerable around him


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  • Absolutely do not use the words "I just want to talk to you all day long". That sounds clingy as fuk. Just say that you really enjoy talking to him.

  • no that won't scare him if he had any small feeling for u he will feel great.. i will feel like an achievement if some one told me that

  • No it would not scare him infac he might wanted to listen this from you


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