Where to look for a SO?

i want to get into a relationship again. i want to meet that special one. i want to love and be loved back and have that butterfly feeling in my stomach once again. i miss the feeling But i dont want to use dating sites, or go hang around in some bar with a friend and see what happens. does someone have a good advice?


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  • mmmmm, I asked myself that question tons of times, and I finally found her!!!

    I found her online, but not on a dating site ( I never believed that stuff anyway).
    Just on an exchange language site.

    But where to search? defenitly not clubs, I mean, its good for ONS, but if you want only serious relationship like me, its a bad idea.

    Maybe at your work, and at school, that would be your best bet.

    On internet its also good, because usually, people dont care about what other thinks and show their true colors (except on dating sites, people are all perfect except too perfectionnist there :P )

    But I cannnot help you that much, she's my first, and hopefully, last GF :)

    Have a wonderfull day my friend

    • i dont work. and the work place i go in to work for like once or twice a month there's only female staff. :/ and i graduated from college last year so yeah. not school eithere. i dont like internet dating to be honest. i tried long distant relationships earlier and its not for me you know? thanks for your help though. i really appriciated it. and i hope you also have a wonderful day my friend! :)


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  • Same, I'm ready to get back out there, but there is no one place to meet someone it can happen anywhere at anytime. My father met my mother in a car crash, my cousin asked a girl (now his wife) out in the Hastings parking lot these things just happen by chance.

  • Same situation. Where will I meet her?

  • i´d so happy to know that too... but i guess it´s all down to luck not the "place" :(

  • Just do what you love (your hobbies) you'll meet someone.

    • i do love reading... and art. thats something right?

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    • I hear ya, i hope for the best for you!

    • thank you so mutch! :)

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  • Do things that you know others will be doing. Maybe a coffee shop, grocery shopping... regardless make contact with others. It's not easy, but it will happen.

    • thats great advices! i love libraries, should i try there? :)

    • Yes, do things that you enjoy and believe me when you last expect it... you will meet someone that will sweep you off your feet.

    • this was really sweet and helpfull! thank you so mutch! :) *hug*