Should I date this older girl?

Im 18 and this girl who is 5 years older than me has asked me out on a date. I have known her as a friend for a while and she is a nice girl but I don't know... the whole idea of having an older girlfriend just feels really weird and scary. And also demasculating. I dont know if I should give it a shot or not. Also if I decline or it doesn't work out I dont know how we can be friends again (she is my cousins neibourgh but we have had family dinners and all that stuff for over 10 years).


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  • I think the age gap is a bit much

    • Yes I know :(. Also I'm probably less experienced than her


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  • If you're not comfortable than I say pass on it. There's always a couple years down the line when you feel ready. The date doesn't mean she'd be your girlfriend necessarily, but again go with what you're comfortable with 100%

  • go for it :)

    • You don't think I'm too young for her?

    • nope my boyfriend is 12 years older than me, 5 isn't bad at all

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  • If you think she might be "the one" (you must feel something towards her or you wouldn't be asking this) and you are holding yourself back because you think it is demasculating and weird and scary- dude, ask her out. Small matters shouldn't get in the way of your love life. If you don't think you would work as a couple and don't feel something towards her or anything, then don't ruin your friendship by starting something that won't work. Assess the likelihood of it working out and if you'd be willing to take that chance to date her. If you think she might be "the one," go for it