Boyfriend loves me but not in love yet?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months. He and I were both very honest with each other in the beginning that in previous relationships, we both tended to move way too fast with the love word and moving in together etc. He said point blank he doesn’t want to do that in this relationship as he has been very hurt before and now has a hard time being emotionally available. I am falling for him hard though and am worried that 6 months in he hasn’t said I love you to me. We have been spending A LOT of time together recently (like 5-6 nights out of 7) and both of us feel like we are starting to fall back into old habits of moving too fast as far as living together. We mutually decided to slow that part of the relationship down and spend a little more time apart during the week.
We just had a deep discussion about love piece though and he says he knows I’m frustrated that he isn’t at the same place emotionally as me and he does really want this to work and sees us having a future together but he said he wanted to be completely honest that he is not in love with me yet. He says he loves absolutely everything about our relationship ( we both agree we are the most compatible partners either has ever had) and he isn't 100% sure why he isn't in love yet. I asked him point blank should I move on and he emphatically said no, he wants us to be together and have this work out. Could it be his emotional baggage holding him back? I do feel loved by him in many other ways and this is our only issue, the lack of a true and deep emotional connection. Should I wait it out and hope, eventually he will allow himself to fall in love with me or if he isn't in love by this point, is it never going to happen? Guys are so different than girls, so I am trying to hope that eventually it will happen.


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  • Actions speak louder than words. You have clearly giving him a way out and he does not want it. Everybody falls in love differently. I have been with my boyfriend for 17 months and he has never said I love you he told me he has never been in love before. His actions prove me that he cares about me and is being very serious about me. He is the best boyfriend I have ever hard. He is one true gentleman and treats me with so much respect. Why would you throw away something because he has not said those 3 words. Would you prefer to be with someone who says it all the time but his actions do not match his words. Have some patience he will appreciate you for that and when he does say it it will mean so much more.


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  • At least he is honest! But if he doesn't feel the love now.. I mean he might not ever.

  • FUCK NO. Tell him you only want a man who can mess you up emotionally... and his boring ass just doesn't do it for ya... yawn.