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Reopening The Lines Of Communication After No Contact

My girlfriend dumped me - we were long distance, but saw each other in person as often as possible. After a few weeks of light contact, I got tired... Show More

We were together for about 2 years. We've both in the 18-24 range. It was a serious relationship.

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  • 3 weeks? Way too soon. 3 *months* is way too soon.

    Stop trying. Get over the rebound. Grieve. Be a single guy for a while. Then, IF you want to, IF neither of you are in a serious relationship, and IF you're ready to fix what went wrong to begin with, THEN, you can contact her, maybe half a year from now.

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  • it all doesn't sound very good to be honest , like in this day and age 3 weeks with no contact is a long time . and I doubt she will contact you on messenger or thru the phone . and I'm not sure its a good idea for you to be contacting her either .

    your faced with some options that include taking a break from dating in general or maybe geting out there some more and trying to meet some girls who live closer to you as the long distance option is pretty tough to make work

  • I think you need to move on. First, she dumped you. Second, she was not interested in getting back together with you afterwards. Take the hint and move on to a different girl. I'd suggest finding some local girls to date.

    • Well, I've learned asking to get back together after a breakup isn't usually too successful. So I'm not surprised she didn't want to get back with me. We didn't end on bad terms. I will move on, but I don't want to give up something special that easily. One more try now that she has had time to herself.

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