Reopening The Lines Of Communication After No Contact

My girlfriend dumped me - we were long distance, but saw each other in person as often as possible. After a few weeks of light contact, I got tired of trying to get her to change her mind and went no contact. She hasn't seen or heard from me for 3 weeks this coming Monday.

I am feeling better. I still want to get back together and I'm willing to take it slow and see what happens.

She dumped me so should I hold out and make her call me or at least email me if she deleted my number? Or should I get back on messengers to make myself available where she can easily contact me?

We were together for about 2 years. We've both in the 18-24 range. It was a serious relationship.


Most Helpful Guy

  • 3 weeks? Way too soon. 3 *months* is way too soon.

    Stop trying. Get over the rebound. Grieve. Be a single guy for a while. Then, IF you want to, IF neither of you are in a serious relationship, and IF you're ready to fix what went wrong to begin with, THEN, you can contact her, maybe half a year from now.