Is this a terrible thing to do?

I met a new guy and want to ask him to officially be my boyfriend by buying ring pops and asking him jokingly to be mine. Problem is, I did this in my last relationship. that relationship ended up being awful and the guy was not someone I wanted at all. With this guy, I feel trusting and extremely right. I know he'd love it if I asked him out this way, but i don't want to feel bad or do anything morally wrong. Should I do it? Is it okay?

No, i am not re living my last relationship. It was always abusive and I always loved the whole ring pop cheezy idea, but I wanted it to be for the right person, who I have found now.


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  • Nope try something different bo matter how you put it, its bringing the past into the present that idea is old try something better


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  • Why should it be morally wrong? If you want to do it, go for it! I think it's cute. Besides, if he likes you, trust me he won't care how you do it. He'll be happy it's mutual


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  • It doesn't have to be that terrible. If you think that it's going to be much better with this person, you should go for it.