What girls find attractive in guys and what guys find attractive in girls?

just a general rule: what factors are valuable in dating for guys and for girls?


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  • Factors for me:
    - I find him a physically attractive (doesn't have to be super attractive but there has to be some kind of attraction)
    - Makes me laugh/I can make him laugh
    - Emotionally available
    - Open with communication & honesty.
    - I can be myself/I'm comfortable around him
    - Similar interests and sense of humor.
    - makes an effort

    • what do you mean in physical attraction? tall, dark, and handsome?

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    • you mean hygiene and self groom

    • yes. And even just being some what healthy.


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  • These are in no particular order of importance:
    1) Attractive to me
    2) Kind to me
    3) Fun to talk to
    4) Makes me laugh
    5) Taller than me
    6) Warm personality

    These are the things that I need in a guy... everything else is just an added bonus (:

  • This is such a difficult question to answer. For me, I would always dislike questions like these because I feel if I give you an answer that I miss a quality I never really thought about.

    Confidence, not cockiness, is always attractive.

    • i appreciate your comment. yes, you have miss something: what do you mean in cockiness? what is the difference between confidence and cockiness?

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    • i mean cocky is narcissistic

    • I would agree with that statement

  • I've noticed that men like breasts and butts. They also prefer women with vaginas. It took me many years to compile this scientific research.

  • A guy who is polite... and funny is attractive

  • A guy has to have a dick bigger than 8 inches. Be rich and powerful. Every girl wants that. Prepare for down votes because people don't get sarcasm here.

    • do you really mean it or it is your sense of humor? 8 inch is the maximum length of penis.

  • Honestly, look matters for me, but just not as much as his manners do. Treat a girl right and you'll get her heart :)

  • I find shy guys attractive I mean they're not cocky and they're so sweet.


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  • Keep in mind this is just one guy's opinion about what I was looking for while dating (married now):

    Attractiveness is the first thing I'll notice and will generally be a pass/fail test before moving on to the next thing. Intelligence and level of education are next. They go together and I had a certain threshold they must meet. One can make up for lack of the other. No kids and not previously married was a pass/fail for me too.

    After those two pass/fail criteria, it started getting into the realm of shared humor, general chemistry, sexual chemistry, shared hobbies, not being crazy, etc... the kind of stuff you "just know" when it clicks.

    I basically would go on a date with anybody who met my first set of pass/fail criteria and I would keep dating somebody who had more and more of the rest.

    • yes, you are absolutely right: if the hottest looking girl in the world is dumb she is unattractive.

  • Honestly is always attractive.

  • I want a girl who is nice and sweet, honest, empathetic, humble and supportive. Someone who isn't superficial or fake and doesn't concern herself over what is. Someone who can keep their cool and keep their integrity. Honesty and being trustworthy is a really good trait for anyone. Loyalty is one of the best characteristics that anyone can have as well
    I don't concern myself with looks because I realized that it doesn't matter if the personality fits