Does she like me?

I'm stuck on this one. I met a girl at a Cub Scout event in February and she is awesome. She loves everything I like and she's stunningly cute. Problem is that she lives in Ionia Michigan. I live like 3 hours away and have no way to find her and tell her I love her.

If anyone knows what to do please help. I'm afraid she might find someone else and fall in love and forget about me. I think she likes me too.


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  • Ask her out, closer to her home though. To be honest, I doubt that she likes you. It could be luck that she enjoys the same stuff you do. That's just what I get from the information you mentioned.

    • Well more evidence leads that I think she likes me. Me and her went off to play carpet all and we spent like 30 mins. With each other. By the time she had to go, she was begging for a hug al least a hug.

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    • Ok Ty. I'm just worried she'll find someone else before I tell her how I feel.

    • @Asker, it's ok if she finds someone else. You may find someone else as well. Your still 14, so your view of romance is probably purely based on what you saw on movies. Here's a video, it partly describes your situation: honestly I don't think it's worth it, there are plenty of girls that could really like you in your own area.

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  • Facebook? Instagram?


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