Is the guy interested in me?

Exchanged few messages and met after few hours , both professional and decent. Went for dinner and drinks and so engrossed in the talk thatdidnt realize the place had closed. Dropped home kissed passionatley and went in and were intimate over two hours he moaned and said I was so wet.
Initaiates text every day and calls at night over an hour we talk met again last night and had a great conversation with some pleasure later and again he said OMG you r soo wet.
Is this the good sign that he likes me and want to date me?


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  • yes the is not a good sign.. it is an obvious one

    • Awww! Thank a bunch! Please advice as how do handle this , as i m very different n believe in giving space. And equally passionate. Its crazy combination we have. Neither of us met someone day one or gave addresses.

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    • Thank you opinion owner.
      It been 6 days n met twice n talk daily.
      He offered to come last nite as had not been well and had to leave for work ealry out of town and leaving again for three days but said next time he can stay over and leave from here. its so new and seems our talks are flawless and time flies crazy fast.
      What else can be Can i do to keep this spicy as he and i both are honest and share similarities, have had our miseries and burnt out, and do not want to push things. as this is a great start.

    • start having funn... go out at night... go dancing, stuff that will ignite a relationship... a nice dinner and even a trip away for the weeknd with him or something


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  • He seems hooked - Are there any complications to getting together?

  • he is not going to keep coming back if he doesn't like you


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  • ovbiously yes

  • Yes he is interested in you. But he is interested in you in what way? Lust or love?
    Just be careful. :)