I've been single for a while now is that a turn off for women?

Usually when someone says they have been single for a long time it either means they sleep around, have no game, are depressed , too financially motivated, not committed etc etc.

Does it turn women off when you say you've been single for a long time?

Thanks for answers in advance


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  • Nope. I would just wonder why you stayed single? That is all about it.
    And obviously better than a player! LOL


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  • well, i dont take it that way. i dont usually think of it like that.
    i like knowing that a guy is single, and it's even better when/if i find out he has a short history.

  • no not really because it shows that u don't just go out with anyone randomly because ur desperate, but then it is a turn off if its because your harmful etc


What Guys Said 2

  • I hope it isn't xD I've been single for over 5 years, not because I wanted to, just because I haven't really found a girl I wanna spend time with.

  • I was wondering about this as well. I just joined a couple of dating sites and when I mention that my last real relationship was about a year ago, it seems to put women off.

    I'm sorry, I'm not concerned with keeping my dick warm! And I'm not going to jump from one chick to the next just so that I can actually date the women that I want to.

    Eh. People, man.

    • Yeah because if i said my last relationship was a while ago they always ask so what happened inbetween? I'm like um didn't click with other girls I dated. etc

    • I feel you. Best advice, don't talk about the past, I guess.