Is it bad? Did I hurt him?

So, my boyfriend and I have been dating for about 2 1/2 weeks now… he texted; ' I haven't told you this but i love you '
I texted back; ' Awe that's very sweet… I really appreciate that you told me how you feel. '
Is it bad I didn't say I love you back? Did I hurt him?


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  • Love is an overused expression.
    You take it more serious
    As i do
    there is family love
    friend love
    love my car
    love that movie
    love the weather
    and that love of someone special
    So, I think you are good for now
    when you say love to an opposite, you want them to know you mean it.


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  • No, thank god you didn't say it back, he's fucking lying.


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