Should I ask him to hangout or bad idea?

Soo long story short, I was seeing this guy much older than me but he ended it because of age diff. Few months later (recently) we ran Into each other and I went home w him (sometimes just sleeping lol) and we would go out to breakfast in morning like old times. He said we could be friends finally bc when we ended things he didn't want to. Well he texted me 2 weekends ago asking to hangout but I wasn't in town. He texted me again last weekend and I went over. He actually wanted me to come out and meet him bc he was out w his fiends (but I had lost my id) so he came home early to be w me and cuddle. He had had a few drinks but he was saying I should feel special bc ladies were trying to get his number and stuff but he came him early to be w a special girl. Aka me. Then when cuddling said how he loves going to breakfast w me bc it's so relaxing and stuff. And said how he was thinkng about me all week. The next day we went to lunch.. We woke up late lol and he payed and squeezed my leg and actually kissed me bye on the lips this time (precious time he high fives me and time after that he kissed on cheek) but this time on lips. well that was last weekend and now it's Friday and I rlly wanna Hang out but don't rlly know if I should text him.. Advice? U think he'll wanna hang or should I text or just not bother?


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  • Yeah do it. I don't see why not.

  • Ask him to hang out.


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