A crush at supermarket?

I have a crush on a guy who work at supermarket, last week I went to that supermarket with my mom and I saw him, I think he saw me too but then I turned around because I was nervous. and then I looked back and he was gone. then me and my mom were about to go home but my mom forgot something so I went into the supermarket again and I feel like someone was following me so I turned around and it was him and again he disappeared. I always look at him everytime I go to the supermarket, sometime he help my mom carry some bags. and I don't know if he notice me look at him.
What should I do? I can not stop thinking about him. and we never talked before. ps. sorry about my bad english!


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  • Go up to him and say "Excuse me, there's a spillage in Aisle 8. Yeah it was caused by my panties, cuz you make me wet."

    I'm kidding. If you actually do that though, I'm not responsible for any negative reactions.

  • You have so show him some skilz.

    For example, you could learn to play the Jews Harp and impress him next time you're at the supermarket.

    https : / /www. YouTube. com / watch? v=VDnio2axqNI


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  • Why did u post the same question twice? O_o

  • Ok stalker much? He sounds really weird. Be careful please