What is your line between friendship and dating?

When you start to hang out more often through social activities you will most likely start as friends. What might be something that changes your mind about someone being dating material? What different things would you need to see in a person? Let's say a guy seems boring and shy , what would you have to find out in order for you to start to like him?


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  • Honestly, nothing would blur the line. I don't date people I know, too much hassle. Also, If I meet a girl and we don't go on a date within a month of meeting, the relationship will be a friendship permanently, I wouldn't consider dating her beyond that period of time.

    • Even if you found out she was interested? Just curious about why. is it a idea you have about your chemistry not matching?

    • Even if I found out she was interested. Too late for her--plus, if I find that out, she sounds an awful lot like someone I know rather than a stranger, doesn't she?

      I look for strong interest from the get go, and I'm looking for a girl who knows what she wants and goes for it. Too many women in the world to accept anything less.


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  • His brain, his attitude, his way of seeing the world, and one important thing

    how my heart beats like crazy every time I see him around :)

    • Would that be from the start or after seeing a new side of him?

    • After of course! Any crazy beat before I know a guy is a physical attractiveness and I don't chase that

    • Nice I'm the same way. Thanks

  • honestly if i wasn't interested i wouldn't continue to hang out with them.

    • Interested as a friend of course, but I mean as a possible dating interest.

    • dating interest

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  • Attraction, and if she can take care of me (sefless) . In that order

  • My penile head.