Why won't she break up with me even tho she shows signs?

several things. girlfriend is legitimately busy with school work job search and such but at the same time she doesn't text me anymore and we haven't seen each other for almost a month. she'll respond to my texts but won't continue the conversation. feels like she's getting more and more distant, and feels like she's wanting to break up. she's never said it. if she's losing interest, why hasn't she broken up with me? or does she still like me, but too busy?


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  • I'd give her a call, but don't over do it. call her, wait a day or two, call again. if she doesn't answer then wait a few more days and then call. 3 strikes your out sorta thing. I know a lot of the times girls don't want to be seen as the bad guy, so unfortunately you might have to end things with her. Hardest thing I ever had to go through emotionally was ending things with my ex who was my fiancee at the time. I still loved her but the same thing was happening to me (even though she didn't have the excuse of school, just work). we started seeing each other less, talking less even though I tried to keep things going and wanted to work them out. Eventually I asked myself (and you have to ask yourself) AM I HAPPY? and if you find you have been unhappy fairly more often than happy and you've tried to work things out... its probably best to end things on good terms and keep a friendship alive if thats possible.

  • Call. No more texting. Call and talk things out.