Should I be upset that the guy im dating doesn't want to hangout with me this weekend, even though we've been. hanging out every other weekend?

We've been dating for 8 months. He works all week and only has saturdays free. We did hangout the past two weekends straight even took a trip to another state for 4 days 2 weeks ago. He didn't ask to hangout with me this weekend because he says he has plans which is drinking at a bar and i dont drink but he then said maybe we can meet up after his plans. Should i be upset that he didn't invite me to. hangout on the only day he is free? Or he needs his space and needs yo. hangouy with his friends without me?


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  • I don't think you should, but you can't help it because emotions cannot be controlled easily. It takes a lot of time and effort in order to learn how to control your emotions.
    Even if I take the time to write a detailed answer explaining the reasons why you shouldn't be upset, you will keep feeling that way because you can't help it.
    Anyway, just because he can't hang out with you this weekend, doesn't mean he is not interested in you.
    He may feel the need to spend some time alone with his friends, there is nothing "bad" about it. Instead of clinging to him, why don't you make plans with your friends? Go out and have some fun instead of thinking about "what ifs".


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  • I think being upset about it is pointless, he works all week and wants to hang with his friends on his day off. It's one week, not like he's constantly rejecting you every day off or blowing you off all the time. He has a life outside of your relationship. That needs to be respected and accepted. I can't stand when gfs gripe about me doing something with my friends once every like 2 months.

    • Thanks so much for your answer! Its just he's only free once a week so not seeing him is hard and feels like he's rejecting me. Why would you spend time with friends and. l not with your gf?

    • He's not rejecting you, he's splitting up his time. YOU get the bulk of his free days. Let his friends get one sometimes, otherwise you come across as selfish. I want friends and my SO both in my life, I'm not going to entirely neglect my friends that I've had for years like that.

    • I understand. Thank you so much for explaining that!

  • You probably feel that way cause consistently you 2 have been doing things together for so long then all of a sudden he wants time for his friends. It's healthy to spend time away from eachother and give time to other family and friends. Would you have felt more at ease if he told you that he wanted to chill out with his friends instead of making plans without telling you?

    • Thanks so much for your answer! You're right! I just feel rejected:/If a person truly likes you dont they always want to spend time with you? Especially if you nly get to see eachother once a week?:/

    • I don't think it's fair to question whether he truly likes you or not, especially if he hasn't done something to violate your relationship, Your probably used to having him hangout with you and the sudden change makes you feel neglected. But like I said, we gotta make time for other people in our lives as well. You could probably take the chance to get up with your friends while he's out with his friends.

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  • Sometimes we can forget that people have other relationships (with friends and family) that are important to our significant other. I think he just needs to hang out with those people for a while. Sounds like you have been spending a lot of time together recently so you can understand why he may want to check up on his mates - he does only get one day off! Not to mention the fact you don't drink may be the main factor into why you were not invited to the bar, but don't forget he did offer to do something after.

    • Thank you so much for your answer! You're right. Just makes me feel rejected and not good enough. If you truly like someone dont you want to always spend time with them, especially if you obly get to see the person on weekends?

    • I'm sure that was not his intent, you ARE good enough, more than that. But you have to understand that if he blows off his friends all the time they're going to feel like you do now. Sorry honey but you have to share. Besides now you can use the time to see your friends they want to see you too :)

  • I would ask him where he's going otherwise then follow him u might catch him in the act with another guy