Why does this girl think cause I went out with girls lastnight I fucked one?

I was with my mates too. Man some woman a insecure


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  • Lots of girls always worry about their boyfriends preferring someone else. Guys are known for staring at other women for whatever reason, but girls feel as though they're being compared. So yeah she may feel uncomfertable with you going out with girls without her. But you just got to show her how much you love her. I know it's fucking annoying, but I understand where she's coming from. However, don't let her dicate your life. If she starts ordering you to not go out with any girls at all, and then accuses you of cheating constantly, then you should start to seriously review your relashionship 👍

    • I'm not dating her yet

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    • But I know she has a crush on me. . Her mum told me

    • Oh well then going back to the comparing bit


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  • Makes you regret not comitting the crime if you are going to get hung for it, better get even next time as you have already paid the penalty.

    • I'm only friends with the girl. She lives in another city

    • Right, I guessed that your were in a relationship, if she's like that now you would be in for hell if you got into any relationship, with a friend like that you don't have to search for enemy's.

  • she likes u

  • As you already seem aware of, it's insecurity. The more you put up with it, the more you enable that person to not deal with their shit. If you stop putting up with it, not only do you get rid of the person but people might start realizing that they need to figure stuff out.